Why exhibit?

If you are a business owner, or head of sales or marketing, you will no doubt know how hard it can be to reach new people to buy from your business.

noiseMost commonly, this is because it is increasingly difficult to ‘cut through the noise’ when there are so many marketing channels you can now use.

Online marketing, social media, local print advertising and networking all have their place.

But how can you make your business stand out effectively?

It’s likely that your fallback position is reliant upon ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. Whilst this is good, to rely on one channel alone will limit your potential for growth. You can easily find yourself coasting along or at worse, slipping behind your competitors.

To actively grow, you need to re-energise how your business can promote itself.  

How can you differentiate from your competitors?
Are there opportunities to engage with potential prospects face to face?

Exhibiting presents you with three powerful marketing opportunities:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Meeting prospects face to face – people buy people
  3. Immediate awareness that your company is there and how you can help

richmond-expo-no-year_smallRichmond Expo on Friday 22nd May at Twickenham Stadium is one vibrant showcase that should be an active part of your marketing plan / activity for 2015.


What makes Richmond Expo special?

We have invested a lot of time, effort and creativity to make sure Richmond Expo is a lively, buzzing event that visitors enjoy – and that works for our exhibitors.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the iconic Twickenham Stadium as the host venue, which immediately elevates the calibre of this event. But there’s plenty of other reasons why Richmond Expo in particular is regarded as one of the best local exhibitions in the UK.

Check out this video to give you a flavour of what to expect:

exhibitingDesignated exhibitor zones

  • Business to Business Services
  • Health and Leisure
  • Property and Home
  • Allocated area for start up businesses and charities

Who exhibits?

Exhibitors are typically:

  • Businesses located in Richmond borough and neighbouring SW London
  • Online business service companies whose target market are businesses located anywhere, from solopreneurs to small sized companies with up to 100 employees.

Whilst the expo attracts more B2B exhibitors, we have exhibitors returning time and again from the property & home and health & leisure sectors whose businesses have benefited enormously from meeting face to face with an audience who want to buy local.


Download exhibitor guide


What else sets Richmond Expo apart?

We’ve done our research. We go to great lengths to avoid the pitfalls of business exhibitions where exhibitors are disappointed by low footfall and a dull ambience.

Here’s a few reasons why you’ll find a special energy at Richmond Expo that creates a brilliant atmosphere in which to engage with interested visitors…


Richmond Borough is a great place to do business

richmondRichmond Borough is an incredibly affluent and diverse place for business. Tucked away on our local trading estates are many high growth hidden gems. PayPal and Ebay are located here. Plus just a stones throw away on the M3 and M4 corridors are the homes of many corporates such as BSkyB and GlaxoSmith Kline.

As a London borough, we have the highest number of innovative independent businesses run from home. Without doubt, we enjoy a very pro-active networking community.

Richmond Expo provides the platform for buyers and business owners to see under one roof, the high level of expertise available locally.



The value of an Opening Keynote Seminar

seminarsApproximately 350 people attend the opening free keynote seminar at 10.30am held in The Live Room next door to the exhibition hall.

During this time exhibitors will be setting up their stands in the Rose Suite.

As the seminar concludes at 12pm, the Expo doors open guaranteeing immediate high footfall to kick start the day.


Strategically timed seminars throughout the Expo

exhibitingThere is nothing more dis-spiriting than an empty exhibition hall because the majority of visitors have been diverted into seminars. There is a time and place for seminars, but not at the cost of the exhibitors who have invested in being there on the day.

We strategically place two further seminars, so there are points of additional interest to both draw and retain footfall, that won’t detract from the exhibition stands.


Download exhibitor guide


The format

  • 10.30am – 12pm: Opening workshop / seminar in the Live Room  next door to exhibition hall
  • 12pm: Doors open to the exhibition hall
  • 1.30pm – 2.15pm: Seminar One in The Live Room
  • 2.30pm – 3.15pm: Speed Networking
  • 3.30pm – 4.15pm: Seminar Two in The Live Room
  • 3.30pm – 4.15pm: Speed Networking
  • 5.00pm – Expo closes
  • 5.00pm – 6.00pm: Exhibitor to exhibitor networking drinks reception at the bar

Sectors include:

Collage-exhibiting-2Business Services

  • IT & Digital Media
  • Cloud Businesses
  • Legal and Accountancy
  • Marketing and PR
  • Design and Branding
  • Professional services
  • Education & Training

Property, Health & Leisure

  • Tradesmen & Home
  • Property Services
  • Transport & Motoring
  • Health & Leisure
  • Health & Beauty
  • Hospitality & Events
  • Restaurants

Start-ups, Public & Voluntary Sector

  • Charity
  • Start-up businesses
  • Public Services


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